From a feature wall of wall paper to a full house restoration we have the capacity cater your needs.

Residential decorating.

Covering all aspects of residential decorating, from interior to exterior. Always striving to deliver the highest quality finish at all times. Using our years of experience to source the best materials for each project. As a residential customer we understand that having your property decorated can be a big upheaval, so we will always go out of our way to insure a smooth running of the project causing as little disruption as possible.

Example 1

Manor House living room. 



Working closely with the client to cater for their vision of transforming a dated living room into a tastefully classic with a modern twist living space. Focusing closely on preparation to ensure the highest quality finish could be achieved. Then using the latest water based paint technology to give a superb finish, contrasting brilliant white ceiling and woodwork with anthracite grey walls really transformed this space. 

Example 2

Exterior barn conversion.

Focusing again on updating the colour scheme from a traditional cream walls and white woodwork. To a more modern white walls with grey windows. Finishing it all off with picking the beams out in black. Really brought this beautiful barn conversion into the 20th century whilst keeping a traditional feel. 

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